Intro and a question

Hi everyone, I am new and am just amazed to find such an amazing resource for knitting! I am not new to knitting - I was taught by my mother and aunt when I was about 8 years old (I knit Barbie skirts and scarves) and then really taught myself to knit beyond that when I was a teenager and fairisle sweaters were in style. Anyways, I am the single mum of two beautiful children from China and I recently started to knit again after about a 10 year haitus. I’m not sure exactly why I stopped knitting, time and some medical issues (RA in my hands), I guess.

I had forgotten the rush of seeing something grow out of a new yarn, and I am so excited to be back, I can’t really describe my feelings. Knitting just feels plain joyful…

My return to knitting happened because I wouldn’t pay the $$ to buy wool soakers for my youngest (I am a cloth diapering mama), and thought I would make them. I knit my first soaker in a couple of evenings and I thought I was away to the races. I’ve always been a fast knitter, once knit a man’s aran sweater in 4 days. Then I started a pair of longies for winter and they are knit in the round and I discovered I can barely knit on circular needles, it is like being a new knitter all over again! The reason? I tuck my right needle into my arm pit and it barely moves and suddenly I have nothing to tuck and my right needle is flopping all over.

It is so frustrating! Is this a case of having to suck it up and hope to slowly improve over time or is there something I can do to help?

I really would appreciate your input as my daughter might be toilet trained by the time I finish these longies! Thanks in advance, Leann

Just practice on the circs, different ways of holding the needle and yarn and you should be able to pick it up again.
Glad you could join us.

Thanks Sue, I was hoping there was an instant cure for my problem, lol. I am always amazed at the wisdom groups like this carry! But I pretty much figured it was just going to take time. I am finding as I work on the ribbing, that as the work gets heavier, my right needle isn’t flopping around so much. I think my biggest problem is that I work my right needle in an overhand way (and don’t actually support it) which works great when you are working on two needles (very fast) but really stinks on circulars. I also think when I switch to stocking stitch, it will be easier too. I just really want to get these done so my baby can wear them now - it is getting very cold here already. Right now I am using wool soakers with regular pants or tights over top.

Thanks again,


What I do to support the right needle while making the stitch is to grasp the tip of it with my left thumb and index finger. I also curl my right fingers around the needle too so they support it. I don’t knit by taking my right hand entirely off the needle to make the stitch, I sort of flick out my first and second fingers which have the yarn threaded through them.

Yes, I think that’s my problem - I do take my entire right hand off the needle to move the yarn. It is not a problem when the right needle is anchored by your arm pit! I will try doing what you are decribing and see how it goes. I really appreciate your help, Sue. Perhaps it is fitting that coming back to knitting is a challenge too… almost like when you first learn and start trying to read patterns. I know I could make it easier on myself and just do longies with seams up the side but they just look so much nicer knitted in the round. So I’ll stick with it and fiinshing them will be so much more rewarding. I started working some colours into the ribbing - the main longies are a sort of purple heather and I am adding a soft sage green and a ballet pink stripe here and there. I chose these colours so that the longies match most of her sweaters and tops. I think they will be sweet. I already have the wool for my next pair (!) and they will be the ballet pink with a cute ruffle around the bottom. Can’t wait to make them. Sadly, I think I am neglecting my house to knit but my kids seem happy enough to have mummy on the couch and it is the most blearly day here today - it hasn’t stopped raining. Perfect knitting weather!