Intrelac Help and DPN Woes

I am so frustrated these days. It seems anything new I try to learn eludes me.

Entrelac - I’m using the “Yarnpath” tutorial someone recommended on here and I’m stuck the very first row. I cast on 24 stitches. To begin it says…
Purl 2 Turn
Knit 2 Turn
Purl 3 Turn
Knit 3 Turn

Continue this way, working one more stitch each time until you have purled 8 stitches…

First, I purled two, then turned my work. That put my working yarn on the left needle. Do I then knit those same two stitches I just purled? I’m confused. How will I get to the end of the 24 stitches? I apologize in advance if I’m sounding like an idiot. I sure feel like one at the moment. Is there backward knitting in this that I’m not aware of?

I won’t even go into my DPN Woes. Everything I want to do requires working on three or even 4 DPNs! I just got the Lucy Bag pattern and yarn and I was in tears just trying to start it last night. I HAVE to learn to use DPN’s in order to continue knitting :verysad:

Any help would be very much appreciated.

i know how to use DPNs and still rarely do. Check some of the other methods and see if you like those better. I am a fan of two circ knitting and will do that in lieu of DPNs almost every time.

As far as your pattern goes, yes you are knitting over the same stitches. Basically right now you are working one triangle at a time. Just do what the pattern says and it will start making more sense as you go along.

Thanks. I’ll do that. Do you know what it means to work one more stitch each time means?

yeah you started out knitting 1 then 2 then 3 and you just continue on with 4 then 5 then 6 then 7 then 8 (with the corresponding purl rows in between!) :thumbsup:

YEP. you’re working back and forth on part of the stitches and then once you’ve worked up to purling 8 stitches, you’re ready to move onto the next set of 8 stitches (starting with 2 all over again).

good luck!