Interweave was nice to me!

I had a good experience today.

My friend got me a gift subscription to Interweave Knits. :happydance: She told me she thought the subscription would start with the Winter issue, based on something the Interweave rep told her when she ordered it, so I bought the Fall issue at a bookstore.

Well, yesterday, the Fall issue showed up in the mail. I was bummed out because that meant my subscription was going to end three months sooner than I expected, not to mention having already paid for the Fall issue.

When I called Interweave to find out whether there was a mistake they said:

  1. With gift subs you have to specify a start date, or they will automatically start you with the current issue;

  2. They would extend my gift subscription by one issue, as I had inadvertently received wrong information.

They were so nice about it, and so friendly to deal with! It was such a pleasant surprise. They definitely have a new fan here.

Thats AWESOME and good to know!