Interweave Subscription

:pout: So, in August I decided to get myself hooked up with a subscription for Interweave Knits. I got an email saying that my Fall 2007 issue would be sent out August 30. Since I still hadn’t received it, I emailed them. Apparently, they’re out! And they’re not sending me this issue, so I have to try and find it in stores if I want it. They updated my expiry date for my subscription of course, but it just bothers me a little that they couldn’t have taken the time to let me know I wouldn’t be receiving it, so I could have gone out sooner to buy it… I don’t know, maybe I’m asking too much, but I was soooo looking forward to getting it!

They’re…out!!! So does that mean some of us with a subscription will get one and some of us won’t??? THey soooooo should have told all of us what was going on. OY! I feel your pain. :hug:

Well… I’m a new subscriber… so I don’t know about people that had been subscribed earlier…

I just hope I can find a copy… I totally would have bought it earlier if I would have known though!

I think regular subscribers will get their issue, I got mine. New subscribers sometimes have to wait although I don’t know why. How hard can it be?? Anyway, check a large bookstore like Barnes and Noble or a craft store like Michaels.

Older subscribers have already received their fall 07 issues. they were mailed back in July. Interweave should have let the OP know she wouldn’t be getting that issue, but I’m not surprised that they’re out of them now. It’s been 2 months since it hit newsstands.

BTW- I cant say about any stores near you, but I saw the Fall 07 issue at Michaels a few days ago, and when you do go into a store looking for the issue, ask a manager if they keep back issues in the store. Not all stores do, but it’s worth asking.

Well… I just tried two different stores today for it… and nada. So, I’m thinking maybe this issue wasn’t meant to be for me… even though I SWEAR I saw it last week or something somewhere, I just can’t remember where, or it’s not there anymore…

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that they treated their new subscribers so shabbily…I hope not being notified was just a simple oversight due to the changing of the guard and won’t be repeated!

That said, I don’t know where you live so I hope this doesn’t sound to far fetched but If you live near a major bus or rail station, they normally have well stocked magazine kiosks for the travelers and you’d be likely to find it there!

I live in New York, and when I’ve been slow picking up an issue of IK or VK (I don’t subscribe) and all of my LYS’ are out, I go to Penn Station or Port Authority…

Just a tiny brainwave on my part…hope you find one, it’s not a bad issue! :slight_smile:

i have knit night on thursday, i could see if she still has a copy, you could ask on her blog, she might mail a copy if you ask, she really nice!

please PM me, I recently subscribed and got an issue and had already bought it, so I have 2 and you are welcome to my extra…gotta have that Tilted Duster pattern :wink:

Wow, I get caught up with school for a few days (boo, homework and upcoming midterms…) and I finally get a chance to come back here, thinking since I haven’t been able to find a copy yet, too bad so sad for me, and wow! Ideas galore, and even an offer of an extra magazine! Just incredible! cloud9

So, knittynewbie, you have a pm from me, I hope you still have that copy kicking around…:aww:

And that Tilted Duster is sooo cute :inlove:

Thank you everyone!