Interweave Mag Back Issue Sale

I just got his in my email box, IM is have a back issue sale. I’m pretty new to this, my first one is Spring 07…it has lots of good summer tops on it.

Does anyone recommend any for an advanced novice? My favorite things to make are shawls (my first) and dog sweaters :o)

Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen that yet!

Btw…your posts are still sticking out from that line in your sig. It seems to come and go though sometimes. :shrug:

Yeah, sorry. My mom had to be rushed to hospital last week and I have been taking care of her and haven’t had a chance to fix it. BUT, it doesn’t do that on ALL my posts. I think that’s weird.

Awww sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she’s okay. :hug:

It was acute Pancreatitis. Very painful and scary but thank the Lord she is fine.

Hehe been there done that already this morning!! I say check out all the photos (on all but the very early issues you can view photos of every project in the issue) and when you see an issue that looks appealing, check out the appealing projects online (on people’s blogs etc.) to get even more info and see if you want the issue or not. Shame I just bid on an eBay issue I really wanted and I won it yesterday, extra posting (grrr…) when I could have included it in this.