Interweave Lacy Thong

Hi Everyone! I’m knitting a good girlfriend of mine the Lacy Thong pattern that Interweave Knits has for her bachelorette party. You can see the whole pattern here.

I’m having trouble with the waistband. The instruction read as follows:

Turn work so WS of back panel is facing. Place marker on needle (pm), and use the cable method (see below) to CO 50
(58, 66) sts, pm. [B]Turn work so RS is facing. Holding front panel with RS facing, pick up and knit 25 (27, 29) sts across front CO edge of panel, pm. [/B]Turn work so WS is facing, and CO 50 (58, 66) sts, pm—138 (156, 174) sts. With RS facing, join for working in the rnd; start of rnd is at beg of back-panel sts.

The specific area I’m having trouble with is in bold. I’ve done the cable cast on and I know how to pick up stitches. I’m just unclear on that specific section.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

So you’ve finished knitting across the back panel, now you cast on sts for the side, then turn the work around so the RS is facing you and pick up the sts from the RS of the front panel. Then you cast on more sts for the side piece and the next round is the ‘joining’ round where you knit all the sts.

Thanks so much for your help! I literally followed sentence by sentence and was thrown by turning so the RS is facing then hold so RS of front panel is facing.