Interweave knits

I just got the new one in the mail!!! WOOHOOO. I’m off to go read it…

Just don’t drool on it, the pages might stick together!

:pray: I hope mine comes today!

:verysad: I checked my mail.

Mine isn’t here either :verysad:

I got mine today. I already downloaded the handbags they show there. There are two I like.

Unfortunatly, most of their sweaters are way beyond my abilities. But I do enjoy the advertisements a lot!!

Bummer! Not here either!

And I hope this one comes with all the pages in the right direction, my first came with the first 20 pages put in upside down!

SAAAWWEEEET! I’m headed to the mailbox to check right now. Pant, pant, pant.


Mine isn’t there either…
:?? Oh ! I didn’t buy any!

I just ordered a subscription. I keep saying I’ll do it and I just end up buying the issues when they come out. It won’t ship until August 17th, but it’s coming!!

mine came yesterday. I’m not impressed. I don’t think there’s anything in there that I’m even tempted to knit. oh well, i can’t expect to LOVE every issue :slight_smile:

Since they only come out 4 times a year, I just buy it at the grocery store. The fall one comes out on August 8th. Here’s hopin’.

:happydance: I got mine. There are several things I like. I love that Northern Lights jacket!

waiting impatiently!!!

I’ve heard a few people say they got an upside down issue! I guess IK will send you a new one if you request it.