Interweave Knits Spring 2007

If any of you have the spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits, would you mind taking a look at the Dollar and a Half Cardigan? I am making it right now, and I initially got really frustrated when I was trying to make my gauge swatch because the pattern kept coming out wrong after row seven. Then, when I read through the actual pattern again, I realized that you don’t do rows 1 through 7 of the lace pattern in that order. Instead you do rows 1 through 6, then 3 through 6 again, then row 3, THEN row 7. I swatched that way, and low and behold it worked! I feel kind of silly now, because I should have realized that to begin with.

Now, here’s my question: Why on earth would the lace pattern be listed as rows one through seven, when in the body you never knit in that order? Is there some reason for it that I’m just not seeing? The designer of this pattern is usually very precise and clear in her instructions so I am surprised it would be this way without there being a good reason. Can someone please explain???

I have the pattern, but haven’t knit it and don’t know the answer. I know Dollyce (ArtLady1981) has made it I sent her a PM.

This pattern was a nightmare from which I thought I’d never wake up.

The designer has corrections on some website, not that they helped me. A day late and a dollar short. :teehee: You could Google Veronik Avery, or Dollar and a Half, and you might find her corrections page. Or maybe they can be accessed through Ravelry.

Sounds like you have the lace pattern down…although, get ready for another nightmare when you have to start decreasing within the lace pattern for the neckline decreases, and so forth. It is very hard, but I think her corrections page addresses the decreasing within lace pattern.

I burned my notes for this cardigan. There were pages and pages of math, diagrams, and scribble…and even if I had saved them I could never decipher them [B]if [/B]I wanted to torture myself and make another Dollar and a Half. :doh:

So sorry I can’t help you much with this Dollar and a Half. :eyes:

Are you a Raveler? If so, here is a link to my notes. They may or may not help you with other issues…cuz the lace pattern wasn’t the only problem with this cardigan.

My advice: ditch it and make a different cardigan.
This one isn’t worth it. As the saying goes,
“the pain ain’t worth the gain”! :teehee:

PS: here are a few corrections that Interweave Knits admits to:

And here is her blog:

Thanks ArtLady. I’m too stubborn to ditch it at this point! I’ve got the back nearly finished. Also, believe it or not, I’m making this for someone else! She is making me a beautiful hand made quilt in return.

I did find on Veronik’s website photos that showed how she did the decreases and they helped. I am just so perplexed about the way the lace pattern is listed when it’s not the proper order to do with the sweater.

Thanks for the link to your notes!

Edited to add:

About the michelen man effect! That was driving me crazy too. I ended up going down two needle sizes on the reverse stockinette sections. Fortunately I did find some stuff about that on the internet and was able to use the advice of those brave knitters who went before me.

I always liked this sweater and thought about making it. I am SO glad that I can now report, after reading this, that I no longer have any desire to do so. Moving on… :teehee:

Isn’t it great when some decisions just about make themselves…

I am so happy that you have been able to work out some of the issues! Please post progress photos! We know you can do this!

Yes, I remember going down two needle sizes to avoid the michelin man syndrome. I transitioned on the last row of the band below…therefore using the two sizes smaller needle for 2 additional rows…one below and one above.

Yeah, if I’d known what I was getting myself into, I might have asked my co-worker to choose a different pattern. But I’m definitely into the breach now!

I think the thing that disappoints me most is that I love Veronik Avery’s patterns and they are usually so well written. :nails:

Yes, she is a designer that really thinks outside the box. Her designs are just wonderful. However, everyone has one black rock in their pile of white rocks!

I’ve heard that designers get a lot of pressure “to deliver” within publishing deadlines… “or else”. This might contribute to pattern errors…and shortchanging the directions. I understand that some magazines “dole out” just so much “page real estate”…and the designer has to make her design fit into those parameters, “or else”.

I still :heart: love her work…but [I]do not love this pattern[/I]…love :heart: the Buck Fifty design…[I]hate the pattern directions or lack thereof. [/I] :pout:

It’s the classic love-hate relationship! :roflhard:

My digital camera has officially bit the dust (the lens comes out when I turn it on, but the display doesn’t come on). I’ll be getting a new one in a few weeks, and I’ll definitely post progress pics!