Interweave Knits "Placed Cable Aran"

I finished my sweater(posted WIP earlier) and am quite pleased. It is a bit big and I made a size small and usually my gauge is right on the mark, but it’s still OK. I used Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton. The pattern is in the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits mag (picture on pg. 38). I love to do cables and this wasn’t “too cabley”!
Susan the Sop in NC

Very pretty and it looks great on you!

How pretty is that! Looks great on you!

WOW! That is really nice!:thumbsup:

Your sweater looks very nice on you. Pretty color. Good work.

:woot: It looks wonderful!!

that looks really nice on you! great job!

Wonderful, inspiring work! :thumbsup: Thanks so much for sharing the photo!

That is really nice! Love the way the neck falls, doesn’t look tight at all. And you’re right, not to ‘cable-y’.

Very nice job. :thumbsup: It looks very charming on you. I also like your Corgi avatar.

Very nice, looks great!

Sue it looks fantastic on you and the colour is perfect x

Looks great! I like the cables!

:cheering: Great work - thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Smashing!!! It looks great on you :cheering:

Oh that’s a cute pattern! It looks good on you too…

Good job.


What a pretty pattern! Looks great!

Wonderful! I also like my cables in moderation, so this is just perfect to me. I bet it feels quite comfortable in that yarn, too.

Looks comfy and warm!

Nice choice of colour for you. It looks great! You did a wonderful job on this project.