Interweave Knits patter.. carpet bag

Have you SEEN the new issue of interweave knits? Look at this felted carpet bag!! It’s soooooo coooool!!! :heart:

that is VERY cool. i don’t think that i could do that color work but i bet it could be something that i could adapt into bright obnoxious stripes or sumpthin’!! hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Most of the knitted color work is just blocks/shapes of color, the fine color detail is embroidered on top of the finished peice. Then after it’s felted, it all looks the same. :heart:

I’m thinking of using those flower patterns to make a purse too. How cool would that be?

is that custom dyed wool??? That neon is GORGEOUS! I’d love to try making that… is that the August issue?

OH BOY…is there any way to prevent Hildie from seeing this thread? She’s made, like eleventyplex infinillion bags already!

Yes, it’s the new Fall issue. The yarn is Reynold’s Lite-Lopi. I don’t know if it’s necessarially lime green, or just how the pic turned out. I don’t have a scanner, so I just took a pic of the page with my camera. :wink:

yeah i have enough trouble knitting in straight lines let alone trying to mix colors in the middle of the work…lol. i think i could play with that though…

mebbe i should not look at this thread anymore or i will never get the bag i am working on done…heh

I’m DEFINITLY going to work on that bag this fall - it’s GORGEOUS and I’ll feel just like Mary Poppins!


My LYS owner was at the big fiber show in Ohio early this summer. She saw the bag IN PERSON at Interweave’s display table and every time I go in (which is often), she asks if I have seen THE BAG. Apparently, it was awe inspiring.

Carol–I had said when I first saw it that I hoped my sister never got a look at it because she adores Mary Poppins and I’m sure she’d want me to make it for her! :rofling:

very funny, KK!!!
i actually considered making the bag, but I was like, really, who needs a bag that big? Besides me, of course :rollsyeyes: Maybe after the elenenty-plex clogs.

BUT the sweater I was desperatly looking for is the one on the cover of that issue!!! Yay!

ohh thats pretty I really like that!! :smiley:

I do, I do!! I’d use it as a suitcase. How incredibly cute would that be? MUCH MUCH cuter than my current hockey size duffle bag!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. I would rub it and squeeze it and hug it and maybe even call it George. That would make a fabo knitting tote.

omg lisa…lol. i didn’t think anybody else said that! i went and got the magazine today just for that pattern. now i need to keep from being distracted by it so i can finish the other bag i am working on!!


I smell a KAL that I wouldn’t be able to pass up!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

So Silver, when are you beginning the bag? How many skeins does it take?