Interweave Fall 2004 Basket Weave Sweater


I am new to this board. Has anyone knitted the above reference sweater.For the life of me I cannot understand how to increase on the sleeves. Please help if you can.

I don’t have that particular magazine, but can you tell us the part you’re having trouble with?

Thanks so much for responding.

This is the pattern and I must increase every 6th row 20 times until I have 102 stitches.

Row 1: p2,k10 to last two stitches, p2
2: and all ws rows, knit the knits and purl the purls as they appear
3: p2,k2,p6,k2 till last two, p2
4: same as #2
5: p2,k10 to last two stitches,p2
6: k2,p10 to last two stitches, p2
Question: Should the increase on Row 6 be, P1, k2,p10 to end, k2,P1

      7: k6,p2, k10, repeat to last 8 sts, p2,k6


Row 8: knit knits and purl purls
9: p4,*k2,p2,k2,p6 repeat from * to last 8 sts, end p2 k6
10: kn knts purl purls
11: K6, *p2,k10, repeat from * to last 8 sts, end p2,k6.

This basketweave pattern shifts. I don’t know if I should always have the odd number at the ends on the rows that are other than p2,k 10 or k2, p10


I can see why you’re confused.

This is what I would do. On each increase row, increase in the pattern of that row.

So on row 6 it would be p1, k2, p10, k2, p10, k2, p1

What I’m doing here is acting as if you’re coming into the row from a previous pattern repeat, and ending the row as if you are starting a new pattern repeat.

Is that clear? I hope?

Thank you. I will try to struggle my way through. I have only asked about a dozen people so far. LOL. Determined to get this finished for my grandson. Had the same problem with a twisted rib pattern I finally finished for my granddaughter.

Couldn’t tell you how I finished it but I finally got it right. Always seem to have this problem on the sleeves when it is the type of pattern that shifts.

Happy to have found this board. Perhaps one day I can change my name from knitwit to knitsmarts. LOL.

I’ve had the same problem, too. The first time was with a color pattern and I totally messed it up. When you’re working from a chart, just imagine that the chart is bigger, or actually make copies and tape them to the sides to make the chart wider so you can see how the sleeve would expand.

If you are working from written directions, youcould try to write it out as if you had a chart.

It’s kind of easy when you’re at the end of a row since you can just keep working in pattern. In the beginning you have to back up a stitch.

Good luck with it. Remember that it’s under the arm, too, not exactly down the front of the sweater.

I think I can do it!!! Thanks