Interpreting an instruction


I’m reusing a pattern for a baby blanket but has been a year since I knitted it. I am a beginner so I am still learning how to read patterns.

I understand Rows 1 through 4 - Knit – obvious!

Row 5: K3, * yo, K2tog; reapeat from * to last 2 sts; K2 ----

I understand the Knit 3 and a yarn over then knit 2 together but the repeat – do I continue to do 1 yarnover and K2tog until the last two stitches??

Of course, I understand the K2 at the end it is the repeating I need clarification on.

Any help would be appreciated - thank you.

yup you do exactly what it says. knit the three and then starting from the “*” you are going to keep repeating those two instructions until the last two stitches. sounds like an eyelet row to me


Thank you for pointing me back in the right direction!

Afer Row 5 you knit straight 4 rows again then Row 5 until you have knitted 36" - very basic - just right for me!!!

Appreciate it.