Interpreting a pattern

Help!!! I have begun a poncho for my baby girl (3 mnths :heart: ) and have already hit a snag!!

It is a patons pattern and I have begun the shaping part. Starting with 66 stitches, the instructions read:

1st row (wrong side) - knit

beg shaping - 1st row - k1, m 1, k30, k2tog, sl 1, k1, psso(centre 4 stitches), k30, m1, k1. . .66sts

It is the part in bold that I do not understand - is it saying to psso the next 4 stitches as they are knitted? I just don’t see how I end up with still 66 stitches at the end of the row?

Can someone please help me out :thinking:


I think they mean the k2tog, sl1, k1, psso, k1 are the center four stitches. It’s just to help you keep track of where you are.

I agree with Ingrid. It’s just just refers to the K2tog, s1, k1, psso. :wink:

Thanks you guys. That is the only thing that makes sense really - it just didn’t occur to me :blush: I am a bit new to this knitting business & not really in tune with anything other than patterns telling me what to do when!

Now I can get on with knitting beautiful fluffy things for my baby :happydance: :XX:

BTW, I am so glad to have stumbled on this site! It will be invaluable! :thumbsup:

Thanks again

Don’t feel bad or like a newbie for asking that question. I agree with the answers but also think that the pattern is a little confusing as written.

You’ll soon learn that patterns are not written with any standards really, and often contain mistakes. How annoying, huh??

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