Interpretation of a pattern


Hi from Australia, I am a beginner knitter. I have been knitting a poncho, Abbey Road Strawberry Fields pattern no 5. The pattern is labeled ‘Easy’, clearly their interpretation of ‘Easy’ is different from mine! I am up to Beg neck opening
Next row. (RS)- Cast off 3 stsloosely, knit to last 3 sts, P1,K1,P1. This I get and then Keeping 3 sts in rib at lower edge correct, cont until neck opening measures 33 cm wo king las row on WS ( the only bit I can understand is that WS means wrong side. The pattern goes on from here can anyone decipher the pattern for me. A video would be helpful.


Hi and welcome!
Continue knitting in the same stitch pattern in the body of the poncho. At the 3 edge sts, maintain the knit/purl rib that was started in the row you quoted. When you turn to the WS, you’ll k1p1k1 but if you look at your sts and knit the ones that look like Vs and purl the bump sts, you’ll maintain the rib pattern.