Interpretation help please

Here is the link to what I am knitting.

Where it says:
Rnds 7-11: With B, *k5, yo, sl next st and all revious yo’s purlwise, yb, rep from * around. Note This results with a yo directly on top of each sl st.

I can read this but I’m still not getting it.
“B” is my brown color, Knit 5, yarn over, slip next stitch and all previous yarn overs purlwise, rep from the asteriks around.
Its not looking right when I do it and it says "this results with a yarn over directly on top of each sliped stitch? That doesnt make sense to me.
Uh I would love to you tube this but I dont know what to look for.
Not sure how anyone can help. But would apprciate the try.

The slipped stitches look like they would be the darker stripes.

If you knit the 5, bring the yarn forward, slip the darker stitch, and knit the next stitches, you’ll end up with the yo on top of the slipped darker stitch.

Then, when you work the darker color stripe, you’ll knit the dark slipped stitch with all the yo’s on top of it as one stitch. This will bunch up the stitches for the look of the hat.

I went and looked at the pattern and actually knit the first bump thingie in the round with 24 stitches to see what I’d get. My result is like theirs but I don’t feel like I did exactly what they said. Pattern says:

Rnd 6: With B, * k5, yf, sl 1 purlwise, yb, rep from * around.

Rnds 7 – 11: With B, * k5, yo, sl next st and all previous yo’s purlwise, yb, rep from * around. Note: This results with a yo directly on top of each sl st.

And according to the instructions above the Yf means to bring the yarn under the needle to the front. (sounds like a yarn over to me) and the Yb meant bring the yarn over the needle to the back of the work. Well, on row 6 I K5, brought the yarn to the front, slipped purlwise and brought the yarn to the back like it said. But on rows 7-11 it seemed like a wacko thing to attempt so I didn’t do it that way exactly. :lol: On those rows I k5, brought the yarn to the front and with the yarn in front I slipped any yarn over/s along with the stitch that was there of the first color (the yarn overs were always in front of the stitch instead of beyond it like it seems to indicate), then I didn’t bring the yarn to the back over the needle, because I was already holding it at the back of the RH needle after doing the yarn over (yf) that it had me do. So I just went on to knit the next 5.

It worked and looks like the picture. On the row where you bunch it up by knitting a row with the first color, I just knit across and when I came to the mess of yarn overs I had accumulated I knitted them together with the one stitch in the first color that had been carried along by slipping. The yarn overs were in front of the stitch of a different color rather than beyond it.

K I’m gonna try this tonight from your instructions and will get back with you :slight_smile:

Awesome! I took all the advice and went to my knitting group. You have to go under all five strands and knit the dark yarn to make the line up the side. I get it! Sometimes I just cant see how these things get thought up! Its rocket science to me. Thanks Guys!