Internet pattern with/without pictures?

When looking on the internet for patterns, do you shy away from the pattern with no pictures? I do, I need to see if I like the finished product and to be able to tell whether or not I am knitting it right.

How many of you look at patterns without a picture of the finished item?

I usually don’t knit anything without seeing a picture, unless it is really small, like dishclothes.

I hate spending the time doing it and then not liking it.

I don’t think I’ve ever made anything without a picture or seeing it in person first… :thinking: I’d be afraid I wouldn’t like it once I was done :teehee:

Yeah, I won’t knit anything with no pictures. I’m perplexed every time I see one without pictures. I won’t knit things if there aren’t enough pictures/I can’t get a good look at it, either. :teehee:

Nope, I have not and never will knit anything without a picture of the finished item. I’ve always thought it was crazy to even post a picturless pattern. :??

I agree, you want to see what your FO should look like. Me being a fairly new knitter, I don’t think I could get a good visual just looking at the pattern. I need a picture.

I’m a visual person when it comes to EVERYTHING.
knitting patterns, food on a menu at a restaurant, recipes, books on the internet.
I won’t buy, knit, prepare anything if I can’t see what it is.

I found some “Noah’s Ark” animal patterns that have no picture. But my son wanted a knitted elephant, so I looked at the pattern, and found that I could visualize in my head the shape that it would be, etc. when it was finished. I’m a fairly new knitter, so that was a really big step for me!
It was just a toy, so I took a chance, and it turned out pretty cute.
That being said, I would never knit up clothing without seeing what it would look like first. I’m a pretty visual learner too, so I generally like to see what something is going to look like first.

I have to see pictures first.

(That’s why there’s a has-to-have-picture-policy on KPC. I was pretty sure everybody would agree with it.)

Gotta have pictures!

For me, it’s no pictures no project. I mean, even if I were an expert knitter, I would want to see what the devil it was going to look like.

I bypass anything that doesnt’ have a pic. I am not too thrilled by the ones that have a picture the size of a penney either. You can’t tell much from something like that.

No picky, no knitty for me. I have no skills of visualization.

With the exception of “mystery” knit- or crochet-alongs, I can’t think of anything I made without first seeing a picture.

I have to have pictures, too. How do I know if I would like the finished product, if I don’t see it? :shrug:

come to think of it, i get really frustrated by pictures that don’t show the construction of a garment. especially where the models are posed in such a way that they are hiding it.

I understand that posed/artistic pictures are trying to sell the item, but simple, straightforward pictues serve a purpose too. If you’re going to have artistic pictures, then I wish patterns would at least have sketches showing the seams and pieces of the item.

I like to have a picture as well. Knitting while enjoyable is too much work to knit something you’d hate later. One thing you might be able to do is look up the name of the pattern on google and google images. Sometimes others might have done it and you can see what it looks like.

The exception is if it’s a mystery knit thing like Hildie had at Christmas. :wink:

I forgot about the Dec KAL… I did that too… I figured I could trust Hildie :teehee:

I just went to the site, patterns, Patterns from the 1997 knitlist gift exchange, then Nancy Lutz’s Amazing Katie’s baby mittens and there is no Picture! :?? In fact, I just randomly clicked on 4 or 5 and there are no pictures at all :wall: . It seems like none of patterns on the site have any pictures there? They all seem like they could be nice but if I can’t see them, then no dice.

edited to add: I went to Google Images and looked for the baby mittens but there was nothing. Yeah, I am not sure how they have been able to post all those and not have pictures?

the first afghan i ever tried to do was the Hot D*mn pattern on knit list. it was fairly easy to visualise even if i wanted to stab myself with my needles before i got very far with it. otherwise I have hardly ever seen pics on there and I, too, have no idea what makes people knit a pattern they haven’t seen.

I have to believe that they have seen the pic somewhere but if it isn’t on the pattern i am NOT going looking for it! :fingerwag:

I need a picture. I would hate to knit something I didn’t like.