International Knitting

I am going to Europe for 2 weeks in July, and as I attempt to get my knitting projects in order(with that many hours on a plane, plus 2 weeks of being on a bus every day, I must have something to keep my hands busy!!!) I am unsure of what I will be allowed to take on the flight. I knew you all would have great advice. :slight_smile: We are flying from Dallas to Frankfurt Germany via American Airlines. Have any of you flow internationally with American recently? Do you know what types of knitting needles are (and are NOT) allowed on the plane?
Also are there any sorts of knitting shops in Vienna Austria? We are there only a short time, and there will be so much to see. But I think it would be so special to find some yarn while I’m in Europe!

You should check with the airline security authorities on both ends of your flights as what might be allowed on this end may not be on the other and visa versa.

:blooby:Denise needles set is airline friendly :woohoo: mine are well traveled:yay:

Thank you both so much for your imput! I really appricate it. I’m travling with my cello as well, which I know always causes problems with I go throug security. So I’m trying to minimize the number of “problems” i might encouter.
I hoping double points are okay, since I am very into knitting glove, mittens and hand warmers!

When I flew back from Italy this past September on Delta I had no problem bringing my knitting on the plane but I had bamboo needles - I do not think I would take metal ones. Even in the US according to the TSA website, metal needles are not allowed. I know people have done it with no problem but I don’t want to risk it.

I found a wonderful yarn store in Venice - quite by accident. We were walking around by Piazza San Marco and I looked up and there it was. I bought some yarn to make a scarf so I had something to knit on the 9 hour plane ride home… I was with my mom and she talked me out of bringing my knitting with me. Big mistake… so I was so glad I found this store in Venice.

Do you remember the name or what is around this shop.? My daughter is going to Venice next weekend for the Biennale. She could buy my gift there. I keep telling her I don’t want her to buy anything for me, but she might find a book or some interesting doo-dads that are small here.

The name of the shop is Lella Bella. Here is the link:

Click on dove siamo for the directions. The oiwner speaks great English and since I speak only a little Italiano I had no problem. She will definitely have no problem finding you a really nice gift.

I took my bamboo and metal circs on a recent trip to the States from Japan without any hassles…and I made some friends along the way who talked to me about my knitting. I also took my bamboos to Guam with no worries.

If you go through the UK, you probably won’t be allowed your needles at all.

It really depends on the airport. The “big” international airports like Heathrow and Frankfurt have very tight security most of the time. I would only bring bamboo needles if I was you, and be prepared to have them taken away, worse case scenario. You might have no problem at all, but it’s impossible to predict!

Denise needles are fine!!! no scissors longer then 3 inches… check with your airline to make sure…of size…

Thank you everyone! I’m planning on bringing my bamboo double points, so I can work on some gloves during the flight, but i’ll pack an additional pair in my check baggage…just in case!

According to the TSA website, knitting needles and crochet hooks of all types are allowed in carry on baggage on all flights originating in the US. They recommend checking the security regulations of the country you are visiting for rules for your return flight.