Intermediate braided/cabled scarf (non-rolling!)

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“Navy”][I][SIZE=“1”]I have always had a hard time with my scarf’s rolling. This pattern does not roll up and is made to go with the braided hat I got off of this site! I get so many compliments from it and it is not too difficult. Great for the beginner cabler. You will cable from the edges so it is suppose to have a nice scalloped edge. You can also play with it to make the braids stand out by only cabling in the pattern every other ‘right’ side or adding more purls. I just find it easier to keep track of what I am suppose to be doing this way.[/SIZE][/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[B][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“DarkRed”]Braided Scarf[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Cast on 20 stitches. If you want wider add multiples of 7. I used Sensations Licorice wool yarn. It hides imperfections well and is a thicker yarn

1st row: I start on the wrong side *P6 K1
2nd row: *Hold 2 on cable forward ,K2, K2 from cable K2 P1
3rd row: *P6, K1
4th row: *K2, Hold 2 back on cable, K2, K2 from cable,P1
5th row: *P6 K1
Repeat row 2-5 for desired length and cast off.
I go thru about 2.5 balls for each scarf

Finish with fringe:
Wrap yarn around a good sized hard backed book cut yarn on page side. (That gives you room to get the scissors in there) Stick a crochet hook thru the bottom of your scarf and pull 2 pieces the halved yarn thru and loop it onto itself. With this yarn I do a light fringe and knot the ends to keep it nice longer. With this method I find it easier to change out the fringe when it gets ratty.

I have never written a pattern before so I am sorry for any mistakes I made but it should be pretty straight forward.

That is pretty Cheryl. Thanks for sharing!