Intermediate beginner questions


I’m a beginning knitter looking for a simplish sweater to help me move to the next level. Some patterns I’m considering call for waste yarn. What is this? What purpose does it serve?

Also, Amy, in your advanced techniques videos, you show how to add a row with a wrap. When would this be done?

Thanks again for a great site, Amy!


Welcome KnitE/Elena!

Waste yarn is usually just a scrap of yarn used to thread through some stitches to put them on hold for a while.

Rows with wraps are a way of shaping a piece, by inserting extra rows in the middle of a row. They can be used to shape the heel of a sock, for adding more room in the bust of a sweater, for adding curve to an elbow, or adding height to the back neck of a sweater, to name a few!


Thanks, Amy!

I’ll probably be back soon with more questions.