Interlac Scarf Pattern

I have been browsing the older posts and came across Interlac (where have I been!). Does anyone have a pattern or lead me to one I can purchase? What is the favored yarn for these?


I don’t know what interlac is. Forgive my ignorance, is it the same as entrelac? Or something different? This is an entrelac pattern.

No this is it. I’m just a bit dyslexic today. Thanks for sending it to me!

I honestly wasn’t sure. You know after four years of knitting, I find something almost every day on this site that I haven’t heard of. I hope to be an expert in 30 years or so! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t too impressed with Danica or any entrelac pattern because of the two color alternating effect. Ick (for me). Then I saw this scarf and fell in love with it and now have to make it. So I’ve been practicing and I think I’ve got it…


Is there a difference between the Danica Pattern and the Interlac?

No, but the ways you can use color can really change it up alot.

Danica is an entrelac pattern, so is Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style. You can make them one color, two colors, three… or use variegated or self striping yarn. The techniques are similar, the only difference is in size. You can make it in scarves, wraps or baby blankets. I found a couple tutorial pages you can learn on and practice with and they’re about the right size for scarves…


Thanks everyone and Suzeeq! Great websites I can’t wait to get home to see if I can do this :slight_smile:

You can do it, as long as you know how to inc, dec and pick up stitches. It’s waaaayyy easier than it looks. I got some cheap variegated yarn to practice with and while it’s too chunky and I don’t care for the short color changes, it looks good. I work on it at work when it’s slow and everyone (non knitters) think it’s cool.


I took classes at my LYS two yrs. ago to make a felted Entrelac bag. It came out very good. But since its been so long since I made it I “forget” how I did it!! :wall:

I have a few books that show how but reading it and SEEING it are two different things and I do much better when I SEE :teehee: how its done. I’d like to give it another try sometime and not felt it this time.

Take a look at the links I posted above for a refresher in how to do it.


This is probably a stupid begginers question, but what does it mean when it says to turn the work at the end of every row, and how would I go about doing this?? Thank you for any help you can give me.

Switch the needle with the stitches you just worked from your right hand to your left hand.