Interior shaping question

[COLOR=darkred]i am wanting to make my own patterns or just do freeform crochet but i am stuck on how to allow room for a persons breast in shirts like tanks and halter tops. can anyone out there help me with this issue or give tips on how to compensate. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]Thanks JanP[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#300090"]You would use increases on the front for more room in each row/round and you could use short rows or taller stitches to increase the vertical room. You can determin how many stitches to add by using your guage (how may stitches per inch and how many rows per inch).

Good luck with your designs. Crossed Fingers

You’ll find other members on the forum are in our area (I’m east of Raleigh) if you check the “Knitters Knear You” forum for the [B][U]North Carolina Knitters[/U][/B] thread. Many of us both knit and crochet.