Interesting sock


a squaring-the-circle type, with interesting construction, including a very small heel flap, and extended gusset.

I like that! (Possibly I just like anything in bright colors at this point in the winter.)
One of my favorites:

It’s like a mystery KAL. You follow the directions and there you are.

i was trying to find a replacement for josh ryk’s ‘mystik spiral socks’ ( that are worked with all sorts of fun short rows (and named after the band in mtv’s ‘daria’ cartoon). but the re-do of that pattern has been delayed multiple times now… first december, then february, now april… so i went hunting, and one of them i found was ‘squircle.’ ‘skew’ looks fun too, have to add that to my list - thanks! :wink:

:zombie: :zombie: :zombie:

‘mystik spiral socks’

Mummy feet!!!

It is a pattern that is really ideal for using up all the little bits you have left over from other things. :slight_smile: