Interesting Etsy Story!

Thanks for that – boy, is that the truth. Having made my living in textiles one way or another on and off since I was 17, I have to say that’s all pretty much true.

Selling on a part-time basis wouldn’t be as stressful and busy. I have always thought more of teaching and selling on a small basis. Thanks for the article it was very enlightening.

I could not do this as a job, because I love knitting and I get the feeling that if it became an obligation I would learn to hate it. So hats off to those who can do it for business and still love it.

Yeah, I don’t think I could make a full time business out of my knitting or crocheting…I like to knit for relaxation and because it’s fun, and I totally hate deadlines…lol…The last thing I knit for someone was a scarf…ugh…lol…and I told them up front it would take quite a while for me to finish it! :teehee: Ok, wait, no, the very last thing I knit for someone was a hat, but that went super fast…lol

I will knit things for people to buy if they request something, like a hat or something easy…I will never knit a scarf for anyone ever again! I’m not at all a fan of knitting scarves! I’ll crochet them though since it goes much faster!

I just can’t sit still for that long…I don’t have ADD or anything like that but I just constantly have to be moving (you’d think my weight wouldn’t be a problem…hahaha)…Even in a sitting position I’m constantly shifting and having to get up and walk around if even only for a minute…