Interesting Conversation

Whew! I’ve been working my tail off the past couple of days.

A couple of nights ago I checked into a hotel for the night. As I have stayed there many times before the desk clerk knew my truck when I pulled in and had my registration filled out for me by the time I got to the desk. Nice lady.

As I signed the card she noticed my impromptu knitting bag and as she hadn’t seen me carrying it in the past she asked about it. I told her that I had taken up knitting (or at least trying to learn) and she said that she had tried to learn but just couldn’t do it.

I pulled out the scarf I’ve been working on, which is now approaching 4 feet in length, and she seemed genuinely impressed. I told her that she could learn to knit and all she needed to do was spend some time practicing or maybe take a class.

I guess seeing that a big, hairy old truck driver could do it inspired her because she said that she was going to dig out her stuff and try it again.


It kinda made me feel good to know that I have been more or less teaching myself to do something (it’s how I learn best) that some others have found very difficult to learn. I hope she does take a class or something and learns to knit. It would give her something to do during those slow times at the hotel desk.

see… it’s contagious…lol We knitters just can’t help spreading the wonderful world of knitting… congrats… hope you’re staying warm~!

Mason, that’s VERY cool!! Will you be returning to that hotel anytime in the near future? It’ll be interesting to see if she follows through with it.

Great job Mason!!

ya, it IS contagious. :slight_smile:

I feel most at home when I have it in my fingers. :slight_smile:

Good job Mason! :cheering:

I certainly know what you’re talking about! My “pupil” at work just showed me the scarf she’s working on. :happydance:

Maybe the next time you pass through, she’ll be able to show off one of her latest projects! :cheering:

Knitting at a hotel desk is a great idea! I wish I had a job like that! My cousin crochets enough on her night shift at a hotel to seriously supplement her income! I know we don’t technically know eachother but I’m proud of you Mason!

That’s so cool! Now when you visit again you can ask her about it!

Great job Mason! :slight_smile:
Maybe you should even introduce her to and become one of us! :rofl:

T H E (with a capital T) supervisor at work, I heard from another super said I shouldn’t knit…“don’t let her see you”…this super said she didn’t care. Rats.

I work in a call center, I have 3 types of calls. 2 types I have to REALLY pay attention to, the other, there is no typing at all, just reading. And I find that I actually do better with the knitting in my hand, because I’m relaxed!!!

I work in a call center too, and when it’s slow, we can read or do crossword puzzles or whatever. So I knit. If the calls are closer than 5 minutes apart though, by the time I figure out which way I’m going (I’m now working on an entrelac scarf), I get one stitch done and get another call. So I read then, though I usually can’t find where I left off there either by the time the next call comes in. Some nights, calls are 15-20 minutes apart though.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Big Burly Truck Driver :teehee: :teehee:
good for you mason~!
It makes me think of that commercial for the"Brauny Institute" … " we are teaching me how to be more sensitive…""" :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

Yay Mason~!! the others are right… one of the things that kept encouraging me to WANT to learn to knit… was seeing all the goodies other people had made~! :eyebrow:

Thanks folks. I thought it was pretty cool. As I stay in that hotel at least one night every month or so I’ll be curious to see if she did follow through with it.

:cheering: yay Mason! way to go, inspiring someone! :cheering:

I work in a callcenter as a trainer- my agents are allow to knit, but I’m not. Even when I’m in a classroom with agents doing online training modules that I just have to make sure they run right. Bleh. I was told it makes the “wrong impression”. The other night I broke that rule-- I was ready to crack and yell at someone and needed to calm down, so I pulled out the knitting for a minute. If I get grumbled at, I’ll tell 'em why I needed it. It was only a minute or two, but it calmed me down quite well.

I didn’t think about bringing it while we were in training until the very end. A lot of classes were looking at the different screens and watching videos on proper customer service protocols. I could have done quit a bit during them and not been as fidgety.


That is awesome! See, I’m the only person in my house who actually enjoys the art and all the others think I am crazy for buying yarn and stuff all fo the time. My friends also think I am nuts, too! I like have no one to share my passion with. Just here! That’s all i need i guess! xxx