Interchangeable Needles?

I took a few knitting classes a few years back then got pregnant and boom, no time. I recently took another refersher class and I’m wondering if I should invest in interchangeable needles. All I’ve ever used is the bamboo ones and I know needles can be a personal preference, but it’s getting rather expensive buying new needles for my projects.
I consider myself a beginner any suggestions/input/ideas?

I’m sure you will get lots of recommendations, but you can also search for “interchangeable needles” using KH’s search feature. You will find lots and lots of threads about this very subject and all kinds of opinions on which needles to buy (or not buy). You might check those out as part of your research into the world of interchangeables.

By the way, I have one set of interchangeables (Boye Needlemaster), which I love, and then I have some plain circulars (well, they’re wood and bamboo), DPNs in various sizes, and inherited and bought regular needles. So I’m not so sure that the mere act of buying a set of interchangeable needles necessarily translates into spending less money! :wink: Hee!

I do think investing them is a good idea. Which ones you choose is personal choice. I do not like the Boye Needlemaster myself. I have Knitpicks Options nickel plated that I love and a few Harmony wood and I like them, too. They sell a Try It set that I recommend trying first.

HiyaHiya are a good set (I have friends with them), and Webs also makes some (they have a trial set as well) that I’ve heard are good.

Antares is correct- there are a ton of threads if you search the forum.

In my humble opinion investing is interchangeable needles (INs) is a good idea.

Check with your LYS they may have needles that your can try while at the shop.

I have:
HiyaHiya - Love great needles at a reasonable costs
Needlemasters - love the needles - hate the cables
KA - like but are bamboo (my preference is steel)

Many sets are fairly reasonable and worth it to buy all at once IMO. I bought one set of the KP nickel plated then over time have bought more needles and cables of the sizes I use most.

I DO suggest the Try It sets if they are available. If they aren’t see if any of your friends have another type you could try.

As you look at interchangeable needles consider what you will be knitting. Many sets do not have needle US sizes 2 or 3 and only go as low as 4 or 5. If you knit on the smaller needles this might be a consideration.

I am not aware of any interchangeable set that has a US size 1 needle of smaller. The connection between needle and cable on size 1 and below would be very fragile.

I think it just has a lot to do with your choice of yarns and preferences for wood, plastic or metal. I have a set of plastic interchangeable and I use them mostly when I travel. That way if I see something in a yarn shop and I want to begin a project, I have a set of needles with me that are probably the size I need. I think if you have a type of needle you mostly knit with, then buy that type, ie. wood.
Good luck! I do like my addi circs, but have never tried the interchangeable addis.

That is correct, LS. They rarely have the sizes under 4 in the sets. I bought them separately since I don’t use them as much I only have the one set of 0, 1, 2, and 3.

I have the Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeables. Best money I ever spent! If it seems like a lot of money, consider this. You will easily spend three times that much buying straights, circulars, and double points of different lengths and sizes. They store easily in one small pouch so you’re not having to come up with expensive storage solutions. This is a one time investment that you will use for years to come. It’s worth it to have good tools which will make your knitting faster and easier. And the most important thing, you’re worth it. Why shouldn’t we knit with the most beautiful needles possible?

I like interchangeable needles and think I’ve finally decided on the wood tips, I’ll get them from KnitPicks or WEBS, the cables and tips of both brands work together, I have the try it set from each. One thing I like about them is that when I’m ready to switch to a smaller needle for ribbing, it’s really easy to just change the tips out. I’ve come to think of them as needles on a leash…as long as I have one of them the other is still attached and hasn’t been eaten by the chair cushion, slid off to the floor, or fallen out of my knitting bag and gone who knows where. Not losing one needle probably saves me a lot of money.

Has anyone tried the Cubic by Knitters Pride?

Yes. I have one set in size 3, not interchangeable but fixed circs. I like them. Someone else has some (that’s how I found out about them) so I look forward to seeing what she has to say. I haven’t yet tried the inerchangeable ones but I think they’d be great. I’m not sure I’d like them for everything but for small needles I find them easier to hold. I wasn’t happy with the first cubics I got, contacted the company, they sent a replacement and paid return postage on the ones I was unhappy with. I was well satisfied with the customer service.

I just bought four pairs of the fixed cubics circular needles (the smaller sizes in wood). Then I had to find a pattern to use a pair of them on (that [I]IS[/I] the way you’re supposed to do it, right–get needles, find pattern to use them on???).

Anywho, so far, I’m loving them! I can’t tell that they cause “less hand fatigue” as the site claims, but they are very nice to work with. Plus, the wood ones have definitely helped even out my stitches.

I’ve not tried the interchangeable ones, but I imagine they’re comparable to the fixed cubics. I did find a rough spot on one of my cords, but I smoothed it out with a fingernail, and the yarn is sliding right along now. I would recommend trying them. Webs may even have a try it set where you can just purchase a few of the interchangeable ones. If you don’t like them, you can probably easily sell them to someone here or on eBay!

Webs may even have a try it set where you can just purchase a few of the interchangeable ones.

WEBS has the sampler set and you can try the Cubics in it. The set I got didn’t have the Cubics, I should have chosen the one that does. The problem I had was that the join with the cable caught the yarn too much, but as I said, they sent me a replacement.