Interchangeable needles?

Hello, what is your take on the interchangeable needle sets? I’m finding myself contantly running to the store for different size circulars and dp’s. I’ve been reading reviews on the sets and am just a little leary about investing in them if problems arise. I was reading about the Addi Click. Anyone have them? Can I purchase the Addi individually? I like making hats and find the 16" circ. needles my most used ones. Love love love dp’s also. Thank you so much for any input before I take the plunge. I may have to take my birthday money and keep saving up as the sets are pretty pricey. I figure it’s so worth saving for because knitting keeps me sane!!!:thumbsup:

Here’s a link to an earlier discussion of interchangeables that may help with various kinds of needles.

Salmonmac’s link is a good thread to peruse when looking at buying interchangeables. We all have our druthers when it comes to needles.I’ve never used Addi’s, but I hear they’re great. I’m a firm believer in the old saying ‘measure twice, cut once.’ To that end, I loved Knit Picks Try-It set, 3 sets of common size tips, one wood, one metal, one plastic - all interchangeable, cable set included. An inexpensive way to begin to figure out what you want to spend your money on, at least where tips are concerned.

As with all things, your mileage may vary… enjoy the search. :slight_smile:

I have Knitpicks Options in the nickel and love them.

Yes, you can purchase Addi circulars separately, but I don’t know about the clicks. They are pretty expensive in the set, but it would be even more so in the singles overall.

My Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeables were the best investment I ever made. When you think about straights, double points, and fixed circulars in the various sizes, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars. The Knitpicks set was a bargain. And I love the sharp points. Bind offs, k2tog’s, and cabling is so much easier.