Interchangeable needles

Over on Ravelry is a group or two that discuss the cables on Boye interchangeable and how to modify them. I can get to Ravelry for here so I can’t link to it.

I also find that the Hiya Hiya interchangeable have nice flexible cable and smooth joins.

But then with my opinion and $1.00 you can get a 75 cent cup of coffee.

Mine don’t scritch like that. But then I don’t hear acrylic yarn ‘squeaking’ the way some people do either…

Well, here’s where I’m at now:

I LOVE my new KnitPro wood ones. They are nice and smooth, the join is absolutely no problem, and the little ‘unbent paper clip’ alan-key thing helps to tighten them more than my hands can (although hand-tight is fine). I wish they hadn’t made them lairy multi-coloured, should have stuck with beautiful wood. The cable is lovely and bendy.

Haven’t yet tried the metal ones. I ended up ordering the shorter ‘special’ wood ones to get the right length cable/needle combination.

Then, I have looked into magic loop and half magic loop that people suggested. Having at first disregarded it as ‘bonkers’, I think it has its merits, especially as fair isle on DPN’s is a bit challenging in the tangle and tension departments.

I’ve learned 4 new techniques on one hat, which satisfies my in-built geeky knitting nutter side :knitting:


Yay! :yay:


I get to do yet one more 30-second commercial for Knit Picks Nickel plated Options!!! They are WONDERFUL! And Knit Picks has the best customer service on this or any other Planet! :clink:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


I love wooden needles but I too have noticed that when I knit with mine (more and more as I really love the feeling of wood over plastic even if they are the cheaper clover staights) I’ve noticed my finger tips get sore at the tips too from pushing the yarn off. I too want inter changeable needles (posted a thead about them but mislabled it like a silly lol) anyway. Does anyone like the harmony set I may have to check ebay or amazon or is it better to order directly from the company? I used to love plastic until I broke a set of straight plastic needles. So whats good wood wise?

You’ll probably only find the Knitpicks Harmony needles at their site unless someone is selling a used set. They’re the only distributors.

Glad you found a set that works for you. I have a metal set, I bought 20 years ago and love them…but wooden ones…HUMMM I’m temped
Please post an update and let us some “pros” and “cons” of your set!!:cheering: :cheering: