Interchangeable Needles -- Storing Cables

What do you do? (Or do you keep all of them out on WIPs? ;))

I have the KP Options and the clear zippered case – I like it for storing the needles, but the cables are too messy laying in the middle and separate cable case is too bulky to fit more than one inside of it.

I considered getting the KP binder because I like the idea of storing the cables in sleeves, but I’m not sure that I want something that bulky for storing my needle tips too.

My current thought is to link the individual sleeves with a couple of loose binder rings, rather than investing in the whole binder, and keeping them separate from the needle case.

However, I’d like to hear what other people are doing and whether there is a better solution. :thumbsup:


That’s exactly what I did! :thumbsup: I have the binder, but it was too big and bulky to carry with me. I took the pages out and put rings through the holes and labeled each page with the needle and cable sizes. Each size mostly has their own page. I prefer to keep the needles and cables together. One of my social knitting friends does this, too.

That reminds me… I need to order more pages… :think: The zippers break eventually. I’ve had them for awhile now.

Thanks, Jan! That’s good to know that it’s something that would work. :slight_smile: I bought some of the pages already so I just have to play around with them and figure out which ones I need more than two to use – I won’t bother with the binder. :thumbsup:

This is a brilliant idea! I have the binder and it is pretty bulky. I never thought of getting the binder rings to keep everything together! Great idea! :notworthy:

Thanks! I didn’t start it though my friend did. It still takes up room, but it’s better than the binder and now I always have my needles with me. :thumbsup:

I keep my cables in those pockets you can buy to hold CDs (the kind you put into a little CD zip thingy), and keep two of those pockets in my clear zip bag that came with the interchangeable set. The cables stay in the pockets if I coil them up properly, there’s four pockets, I can see what’s in the pockets without taking them out of the zip bag, and they’re very thin and light.

I also use a zippered binder. I use pocket pencil holders to keep needles and cbbles of different sizes. The pockets at the front of the binder are great for storing other knitting notions. As Jan mentioned, it is too bulky to carry with you, but it’s great for storing needles and cables that you’re not using. Here’s a pic of mine.