Interchangeable needles problem

I have been using interchangeable needles for a little over 1 year now, I previously used JUST DPNs and straights. My problem is that whenever I use my interchangeables the cord starts to unscrew from the needles on one or both sides, during cast on and while knitting,flat or circular pieces. Does anyone else that knits with interchangeables have the same issue? Is it normal for me to have to constantly re-tighten the needle back to the cable? They aren’t broken, needles or cord and it doesn’t matter the length or cord or needles size or what I am knitting. Any insight on this is appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile: If anyone wants to know for any reason, I use Takumi interchangeable needles.

Are you tightening them with a cable key or do they just twist on?

I found the best way to tighten screw on needles is with a piece of grippy shelf liner. I just bought a roll of it and cut a small square (3x3 maybe) and use that on the needle and the key on the cable end. Always hold the metal parts to tighten, too. If you use the wooden parts they could twist right out of the holder.

Is the key the part connected to the needle end? I assume so since it goes in the cables connecting “hole”. I never use the needles themselves to tighten the connectors, I tighten holding both ends of the connectors. Thank you for the advice on the liner, I’ll give that a go.

The key is just meant to give you something to hold when you tighten. I hold the cable side in my left hand with the key and the grippy thing on the connector to tighten. Sometimes I have to use it to loosen as well, but at least my needles don’t fall apart!

I hope I don’t seem nosey, but what brand of needles are you using? I have been trying to find a different kind as I’m not totally satified with the ones I have.

No problem. :slight_smile: My first set of interchangeables were Denise and I used them for awhile, but really didn’t care for them. The cable is stiffer and thicker and I just wasn’t happy. I then bought Knit Picks Options (metal). Over time I purchased various other brands as singles for specific projects or curiosity. Then I bought a set of Knitter’s Pride Dreamz (wood).

I don’t use the Denise at all. I use the both the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz and Knit Picks Options all the time and it’s nice that the cables are interchangeable with both sets. Which one I use depends on both the yarn and what needle size is available. Some yarns work better with some needles better than others. And I have way too many projects on the needles. :doh::teehee:

Which ones are you using?

Thank you! I have seen the Dreamz before when a friend of mine was using hers and I really liked the look of them.
I haven’t been able to try out any other kind, so at the time all I have are the Takumi, I like the feel of the bamboo and the cords don’t feel too thick or stiff, I just get annoyed with the consistency of tightening. I have tried using metal straights and DPNs, but I don’t like the feel of the yarn against the needles, the needles don’t feel right and I never get the right tension, so I don’t know if metal would be good for me.

I’ve not used the Takumi, but I have a friend who has them (I think) and she likes them.

What I did before I committed to any sets was buy the sampler. There’s a few here in KH for Knitter’s Pride needles. I’ve only tried the first one called “sampler”. Knit Picks also has a sampler and others may, too. What you can do is just buy one set of circs to test as well. I suppose it’s not cheap, but cheaper than buying a set you don’t like and if you don’t care for the samplers you at least have extra needles for a knitting emergency. lol

That’s true, I need to get emergency back up needles. Thank you