Interchangeable needles - be warned

Last night I was knitting along and thinking that this was the most perfect knitting I have ever done, no mistakes (yet).
I was using a Denise interchangeable needle as it was the only one I had on hand that was the right size for this project.

As I went to stop and put it up for the night, I notice a problem. The needle had come undone from the cable and stitches were slipping off! :angry::scream: What to do What to do…I managed to get the stitches back on and re-attach the cable but I see that a stitch has dropped somewhere so I will be unknitting a few rounds. Hopefully, I have enough knitting knowledge to do that! :crossed_fingers:

Since I don’t have a replacement needle/cable, I put just a tiny dab of crazy glue on the spot where the cable hooks into the needle and I intend to keep using it.

Just a warning: Keep in mind when you use interchangeables that this can happen! This may be the last time I use interchangeables, myself.

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If it’s not dropped through a knit cable you could work around to the dropped stitch and pick it up with a crochet hook or your needles.

I’ve had that happen in my bag on a cabled sweater. The cable pulled out of the screw (Options). I went through and pulled, any that were loose got glued. I’ve also had some come unscrewed a bit while knitting. Stitches get stuck in the gap, hard to screw it together without trapping a stitch.

I’ll continue using them. I’ve yoinked the wrong DPN out of my hand and pulled a needle out of all its stitches of 2 socks double knitting before. It’s all part of the game.
I also really hate straight needles and mostly work in the round so I have incentive to make circulars work.

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I don’t see the stitch so there’s nothing to pull through a crochet needle. Couldn’t figure out what happened but anyway it’s just a couple of rounds back to fix it.Maybe you can figure how what happened,



If you haven’t tinked yet (I needed a nap, migraine) I think that strand is dropped out of about 2 or 3 stitches.

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Let the two sts marked with the arrows ladder down about 2 rows. Then pick up the ladders from the knit side (it’s easier from that side). Do this for one stitch at a time. Don’t try to ladder both at the same time

Here’s a video that shows it nicely:

Mike, sorry about the migraine. So awful in addition to everything else that’s going on.


Mike i can sympathize when it comes to migraines i get them and it is horrible and takes everything out of you

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I get migraines about once a week, sometimes more. I think they’re related to my neck but could be other things (had a bunch of concussions some which probably caused the neck).

I think that lone purple loop on the cable next to your arrow is dropped because of the order of the ones around it. Purple is a completed stitch on both sides. Easier when you can tug on the loose strand but I’d say that’s definitely able to be picked back up.

Sure, that can happen to anyone with any type of interchangeable needle set. Occasionally they break, too. Fortunately when you consider how many people are knitting with them and how many projects are done with them with no problems it’s not too common. Still, it’s super annoying isn’t it? I’ve had a cable break once and Knitpicks replaced it pronto. When I was learning I had a needle come unscrewed from the cable till I learned the trick of making them not do that. Both times I lost stitches. I hope you got your stitch fixed!

I’ve looked and looked and all I see is the 2 purls and 2 knits and then there is that extra loop (light purple) that you see in the screen shot. There is no place for it to go. Anyway, I think just unknitting a row or two will get be back on track.

Jan, you’re right it’s not supposed to happen to me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t think it is made to fasten tight enough but I only know about Denise needles. I will be needed this size alot so that’s why I went ahead and crazy-glued it! The only other thing that’s happened to me was a silver end came loose with a fixed circular needle. Grabbed the crazy glue as usual.

I’d work around to that stitch and see about fixing it. salmonmac gave a good explanation of what to do. It looks to me like that one stitch is really the only problem, something’s twisted. I’d try fixing it before tinking or frogging. Whatcha got to lose?

My Denise needles failed so often that I ended up giving them away. Last I knew they liked their new owner and were behaving well. I had tips that wouldn’t stay connected and cables broke. Denise is great about replacing and even sent me an extra cable but I’d had enough. When my Knitter’s Pride start coming undone I get the warning of snagging stitches and I can retighten before I end up with a catastrophic fail (300+ stitches off the needles and I was still a really new knitter) and I’ve had two Knit Picks cables come apart at the end where the metal joining piece is connected.

This is a common complaint. i think those click joins tend to come apart easily. Even the screw-on ones do come apart – but I learned you MUST use the little pin to tighten them properly. Once I did that, they never came apart for me.

If it was a defective needle you had, most suppliers will replace them at no charge. Contact your local store, or the supplier.