Interchangeable needle case?

I hate my KP needle case. Has anyone ever used a Della Q case? I’m thinking of getting the one for two sets. It’s called The Que-i Double.

Oooh, I hadn’t seen the double one, thanks for pointing that out! I quite like the HiyaHiya case, and I understand that there are a few stores in the US that are carrying just the case. It’s really compact and flat. The DellaQ looks very similar!

Have you checked out etsy? I’ve found a ton on there that are much cheaper and I love supporting individuals who are making money out of their hobby! Just a thought. I don’t know about double cases, but I bet after a few months of this one on the market, I bet there will be :).

Interestingly, I like both of my KP cases—only the newer one, the clear ones that came with the Harmonies when they came out, has a broken zipper…and with the black zipper/binder one, the plastic sippy things on the sleeves keep breaking.

Something like this looks pretty foolproof!

The plastic sleeves don’t last all that long if you use them a lot and the binder is just too heavy. I put binder rings on the sleeves and just carry them that way, but the broken zippers on them drive me crazy. As for the other thing the Harmonies come in I don’t like it at all. I like to have my cables and needles labeled.

The thing about the one I posted is the labels are built in at least for the needles!

Yes, I have. I agree it’s nice to support small buisiness owners, but they don’t have what I want. I have a friend who got one there and while it’s nice she can’t put all her needles and cables in it and there are no labels so she has to use the cardboard labels from the original packaging.

As for the other thing the Harmonies come in I don’t like it at all. I like to have my cables and needles labeled.

The thing about the one I posted is the labels are built in at least for the needles!

Yeah, that’s a great feature on the one you posted—I like that set-up a lot. On the harmonies thing, I used my label-maker to label the slots for the needles. That helps. Except when they fall out because of the broken zipper.

I wondered about the zipper on the KP sleeves; I haven’t used them yet, but I wondered how they would hold up to constant use.

I like the KP zipper pouch – I think it would be pretty simple to label with bits of cardboard in each pocket – but I don’t like it for storing my cables.

I love the look of the Della Q cases and nearly bought an Addi Click set just because it came with one but I came to my senses and left it alone. :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear a review on them – they are so pretty! :inlove:

Oh I really like the Que Double!! I may have to get that. I used to have the binder - it was way to bulky. So I traded it with a friend who wanted it and had the clear case. I like the case better, but I don’t like that nothing is labled - tips or cables. And I have the Options and Harmonies for most of the tips. Just ordered a couple of the resin ones too - just to try them out you know …

I did use my labeler on my the sleeves and you could do it for the zipper pouch, but it’s still not ideal IMO. I think I might spring for one of these soon. I’ll let you know. :thumbsup:

I think I’m going to iron on numbers to my fabric roll-up case. I use one for all of my DPNs and I hate having to pull them out just to check sizes. I want a new case for my Denise’s and I have a feeling I’ll be ironing on some more numbers again!

The zipper on my KP clear bag (touch wood) is just dandy. I have the cardboard bits with sizes on from the packaging of each set of tips in the pockets. The cables live inside the case along with several Muji plastic boxes with bits and pieces in. Works okay, but is a bit bulky, and if I can find another HH case (perhaps by buying the larger needle set), I’ll put them in that instead.


I haven’t been too upset w/ the clear kp case I got with my zephyrs but then again I have only had it for a month or so. I agree with the fact that I would like labled slots for my needles and my largest complaint with the case is the smaller needles keep slipping out of thier holders… then again I was surprised at how neat the case that came with them was. (I thought it was going to be flimsier):think:

Those Della-Q cases are very nice. I saw them when I was looking into Addi clicks. If/when I decide on interchangeables, I’ll probably get one too.