Interchangeable knitting systems

Has anyone used these? What are your thoughts on them? I’ve seen them in two brands, Denise and Boyd’s. Are they equal in quality? Are they worth the price?


Hi. See my review HERE. It’s only my humble opinion, but I love my Denise set the best. The cheapest price I found…see HERE.

I love my Boyes!! Very much worth the $60 or so that I paid.

Here is a search result page that shows all the topics where Denise vs. Boye has been discussed on KH. SOME are more relevant than others, but I think that this has been a specific post topic at least 10 or 11 times. HTH!

Here are some specific topics:
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Hilde…maybe if Amy ever makes a FAQ section, she could take the posts you gathered and make an “interchangeables” section. This subject does seem to come up pretty often.

I posted a sticky about the topic, per Beldie’s suggestion! I think that will make everything more accessible :smiley:

omg…what more can I say?

I know willowsmom…it DOES come up a lot. It’s nice that its in a consolidated place now.

BTW…I love your screen name. It reminds me of my kitty named Willow that we had to put down due to FIP. :crying: But it is always nice to think of her…she was a sweetie pie!