Interchangeable knitting needles

Hi and happy new year to everyone. DH and I are both knitters, we got some cash for Christmas and decided to use it for some interchangeable needles. After researching them a bit, I went with Denise brand. I can return them for a full refund within 30 days of receipt, and they have a lifetime warranty. Has anyone out there used interchangeable needles? If so, what did you like or not like about them?
Thanks, KR

If you search this site you will find many threads about interchangeables. There are many different opinions about which brand is best. It comes down to the taste of the knitter. A lot of us have Denise and a lot of us have either the Options or Harmony sets. They have different pluses or minuses depending on preference.
I have the Harmonys which are wood and I love them. I love the thin very flexible cord which for magic loopers make them very popular. I like the sharp points, others prefer a blunter tip.

Oh my… yes, there are dozens of posts about interchangeable knitting needles. Here’s a few posts.

I have Denise and Options. I prefer the Denise needles and use them almost exclusively. I think, though, that if I were going to do much lace knitting I’d go with the Options.

Thanks for the input. I like wooden needles and thought about Harmony, but it seemed that the set didn’t come with as many needles. Do the options stay together good? I thought I read somewhere that they had connecter problems, but perhaps I have that mixed up with another set. Anyway, I’m eager to get our set and put it to use.

I have the Denise, Harmonies and the Options nickel plated. I love them all for various reasons! :teehee:

I love the Denises’, they feel warm and they’re quiet to knit with, and they have the BEST case, and the ease of putting them together is fantastic. And you can make a much shorter (or longer) needle than with either the Options or the Harmonies. Not to mention they have more sizes of needles. All around, I think they’re probably the best value.

I love the smooth wood and beautiful colors (and the VERY thin and pliable cable) of the Harmonies too, though. And when I want metal, the Options save me from needing to buy so many Addi Turbos :slight_smile: Usually :mrgreen:

To answer your question, the Options/Harmonies stay together just fine for me, but I do use the little tightening key and a piece of rubber glove to hold and tighten securely. I have never had one come loose.