Interchangeable exchange NO LONGER NEEDED

I’d like to exchange my Boye NeedleMaster for a set of Knitpicks Options. Or I’d be willing to buy a set of KPOs if anyone has a set they want to sell.
I’m also willing to just sell the needlemaster.

Are you doing this because of my suggestion in the other thread? Before making the plunge, you might want to order a few KP Options components to try out first to make sure you like them better than the Boyes. (You can get sizes not offered in the set if you want to avoid duplication later – or you can get the “classic” circs for smaller sizes since they will give you a good idea of the “feel” of KP needles.) Most knitters seem to :heart: them, but I’d feel bad if you traded your set for one you didn’t like as much.

A friend of mine just got the KP size 2 circulars. She lives in NJ and came to visit fgor the weekend and was making socks. I tried them out and really liked them. I’m assuming that the interchangeables have the same cables and needles. I love the flexibility of the cords and the slippery needles. My husband would have a coronary if I spent more $$ on needles, so I thought an exchange made sense. Or if someone wants to buy a Needlemaster set, so I can put the $$ toward the KPO…

Oh good. I’m glad you got to try them. They really are great, aren’t they? Good luck with your sale/exchange.

Or… if you’re concerned about DH not being happy with another big purchase… If you can live without the case and extras, you could just buy a few pieces at a time as you need them. You don’t save that much more by buying the whole set, and if you happen to use only certain needle sizes and not others, it might be more practical to just get the components you need anyway. That’s what I did. (I didn’t really want the case, though.)

I was thinking about that…right now I’m really into the magic loop thing, so I’d need to get the longer cable anyway. I like the idea of having all the needles, though, because if I just buy a couple I’ll bet the next project I want to tackle will call for another size (isn’t that the way it works?!) I don’t really care about the case, either, so we’ll just have to see. I guess I’ll spend some time on the website with the good old calculator!