Interchangeable cable

So I have a project set aside waiting for a replacement ball of yarn to come in. In the meantime I am going to start another project. The directions obviously are using straight needles since they don’t mention needle length. I am going to need to get another cable. So unsure what length. I am thinking 22 or 30 inch. Can it be too long or too short when knitting flat on circulars. I have to order this because I learned while I was preparing to go this route that our lys has closed. So disappointed, now only have big box stores and they don’t carry chiaogoo or really nice yarns and the knowledge that was available at lys was invaluable. So sad!

It depends entirely on what you are making. The cables can’t be too long, but the can be too short.

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I’m going to make yarnspirations precision wrap sweater size 8 or maybe 10 with red heart soft baby step yarn. So maybe I should get the 30 inch to play it safe

Perhaps it depends more on what you might use the cable for after this next (flat) project, when you want to work in the round? If there is a length you wish you had to avoid magic loop or avoid stitches being bunched up then that might be a way to decide what to buy?
There are also connectors to join 2 cables so maybe if you already have a spare couple of cables but neither are long enough you may just need a connector?
Or, put your other project on a life line so you can use the cable.
Just thinking other options out loud in case it helps. I often ponder for so long over buying another thing.


Is this it?

I’d use one of my 22" cables but I have several of them. I don’t know what to suggest you should buy. It would depend on how expensive they are for me. The Knitter’s Pride I use are quite affordable and I like having all lengths available to change as needed.

When working flat I don’t like a cable that’s a lot longer than it needs to be because the stitches like to slide around. I have used a small binder clip on the cable to stop them from sliding too far and it caused no damage one mine. The suggestion to put your WIP on waste yarn and free up your cable is a good one.

Well I might not need to buy another cable. I currently have a 22 inch cable on the sleeves of a project using magic loop. So I think I can put the 30 inch ( which I found in another project bag and hadn’t returned to my set of interchangeables, bad me) on that. Since magic loop, I guess the added length shouldn’t be a big deal. But I’m not sure since this is really the first time using magic loop.

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Where will you be knitting in the round? The sleeves? If you really don’t like magic loop or traveling loop you could work them flat then seam them. If you have and like using dpn you could do them in the round on dpn. I think we need to know just what you’ll be doing to offer helpful (hopefully) input.

PS: I never leave cables in places they’re hard to find. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. :wink:

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The sleeves are in the round, this is the lefsak tunic. I’ve mostly done one sleeve but ran into a problem with the last ball of yarn. Lots of fraying and not continuous. I contacted the seller and they are going to send a replacement but most likely not same dye lot. I have maybe a half of a good ball. Not sure how noticeable so my plan is to go back and forth between the two sleeves interchanging the different balls of yarn. so if it’s a noticeable difference maybe doing this way it will blend. I won’t know till I get the yarn. I really don’t have any issues with magic loop. It’s going smoothly and I am going to love not having to seam. while I’m waiting on the replacement I’m going to start the wrap.

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I think the 30" would be fine for the next project, the wrap, no point moving g a WIP unless you have to.
I know what GG means about working flat if the cable is long, the weight of the fabric can pull the stitches down or they just spread and slide down. There was a great tip to put a thin elastic band on the cable as a stopper, doesn’t harm the cable at all. I used this tip working flat on a circular and it was brilliant.
So, maybe you don’t need to buy another cable.

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I’m not exactly sure what to use as a stopper on the actual cable itself. Anything I think of will slide on the cable unless I actually kind of fold the cable in a tiny loop and put a childs tiny rubberband for their hair, which I have when my granddaughter wants her braided and since her hair is fine I need something small at the end. Like those bands used to make kids friendship bracelets. Am I overthinking this

This is how I’ve used a binder clip. The stitches stop when they get to it. I don’t know if it would damage your cable. It hasn’t damaged mine. I’m doing magic loop so don’t need it now.

The clip is a good idea if you have one.
We end up with lots of rubber bands from the grocery shopping, my spring onions always have 2 bands on them, asparagus too. I like these as they are thin. Any elastic band can be put on the cable, just twist and put over again and again like a kids pony tail. It makes a stopper that grips but jot too tightly and can be pushed up the needle onto the cable to wherever you need it. Our library books always come with rubber bands too, I try to remember to send those back so the library can reuse them instead of buying more.
Having said this, and I did use this on my son’s flat knit sweater, you don’t absolute,y have to have anything jn the cable. I made his flat knit cardigan on a long circular an didn’t use any kind of stopper.

Tip 2 on this link (scroll down the page you dont need to watch the video) shows a band used on a dpn, put it on the same way as this to your circular needle then push it up the cable to create a mid cable stopper

Thanks @Creations and @GrumpyGramma for the suggestions. I always know that someone will be able to help at this forum and so willing to share. I am being good and doing a swatch so I can get started.

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I’m impatient to start a project but I too am being good and swatching.

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