Interchangable sets on sale

I just got a “Tuesday morning” brochure with sale starting on June 6th and there is an interchangable set of kneedles…it doesn’t say who it is made by for $29.99 (originally 64.99)…most unlikely place to find a set of kneedles but I have never bought a sets since I have such a collection of kneedles but think I might check this out.

Sounds like a great deal, depending on the brand. Let us know if you find out who made them. :smiley:

at that price point i would guess they were Boye’s.

Wow! I’ll be interested to see if my TM has them. I’m sure it’s not Denise though, so Boye is probably a decent guess…but when them still selling regular price everywhere I can’t imagine they would be able to get them for that cost. Maybe some interchangeable bamboos???

They make interchangable bamboos??? :shock: I need them!!! :wink:

yep…see here.

After comparing the picture…I think it is Boye…remember the sale starts June 6

You’re absolutely right…I just looked at the circular and there is no doubt they are Boye!

I got the circular, too…LOL, makes me want to buy them for some reason…don’t know why, I don’t like Boyes, personally…I’m just a sale junkie, I’m guessing :wink:

i was going to post this, but other got to it first. here’s a scan of the ad.


They be Boye’s alright :smiley:

Don’t suppose you are ever thinking of stocking those are you? :wink:

I wish I could! You can get them here though. It’s a pretty compact set needles 5-10 only and a bit $$$

Ah yes have seen them there… they ship to US addresses only :crying:

I mailed Plymouth for a UK retailler and they said there were none =( I was also looking to get some Plymouth Encore for an afghan my mum wants to take knitting back up again and do an afghan pattern I have.

Well, I went to my tuesday morning today and they had a bunch of the boye sets! I got a few for those of you who aren’t near one. :slight_smile: