Interchangable Needle Sets

Hello All…

I’ve done some research, but as I trust your guys opnions… What do you think of the Denise and Boyes sets…

I’m looking to get an all in one set like the Denise. They can be used as flat or circular needles… :slight_smile:

so… what do you guys think between the two… they seem to be pretty comprabily priced on a website I got…


I have the Boye set and love it! I love the number of sizes. And the metal are slick and work up nicely.

I haven’t had too much trouble with them coming undone. Only once when I did not have them tightened enough.

I’ve not tried the Denise set, I think there is a split amongst the community here and it will boil down to your own preference!

What the heck, get both and solve the dilemma!

There’s a pretty good discussion of Boye vs. Denise in this thread:

Boye vs. Denise

Umm duh… I should have searched first…

Duh… the one place I forgot to search was here… thanks bunches

There have been SEVERAL extensive discussions on this topic… :roflhard: