Interchangable circular sets

Hi all, I would like to buy an interchangable circular needle set, and was wondering if y’all have any suggestions. There is one I saw on- line called Addy (is this correct?) and it looked good. What do you think? I’ve heard Knit Picks mentioned here…are they an interchangable set? I’d like them in bamboo and I know Addy(?) has them. Any advice? Thanks.:slight_smile:

This is a very popular topic and there’s lots of good advice:

The choice of type of needle and sharpness of tip is a personal one depending on what project you’re making and how you like to knit but the ease of changing tips, smoothness of the join and durability all come up in the earlier forums. And the latest advice is sure to pop up here. There are some great choices out there.

Knit picks has a wood version but they’re not bamboo. They’re very nice, not as much ‘drag’ as bamboo, but not as slick as the metal ones.

My old set of needles was the Clover bamboo. My current one is the Knitpicks Harmony Wood needles. I think you’d like them. I’ve had mine for about two years now and they’re just as slick as the day I bought them. The wood grips the stitches and keeps them on the needle, but at the same time they have a lacquered coating which allows them to slide off easily when you want them to. It’s very fast knitting. I like the pointy tips. It allows me to do things more easily, like bind offs and knit 2 togethers. Knitpicks does have a try it set where you can test out all three, wood, metal, and acrylic needles. Their service is excellent. If you have a problem, they replace needles with no questions asked.

i actually bought a old set of boye needlemaster’s on ebay. then i liked them so well, i think i’ve bought 3 more sets! It is cheaper to buy a set w/ a 40% off coupon at the craft store than to buy replacement cables which i seem to misplace a lot

You can get replacement cords at the craft store with the 40% off too, especially at hobby lobby.

I have the options metal ones, bought when first came out and all the cables came apart. I hated that I would be stopped on a project, but knit picks stood by them and sent me all new cables, and because of the customer service and fast delivery I highly recommend them. They are close to addis and I love addis but dont have every size.

Hey ladies, thank you for all the good advice. I"m leaning towards the Knit Picks wooden needles, but y’all gave me some great options, and I will certainly check those out as well. So many choices! Thanks so much for your help.:hug: