Intentionally tight 3 needle bind off

I am making Stockings for soldiers:)
i am tweeking the patterns just a bit :teehee:
I wanted a tight bind off that did not pucker into the sole of the foot
so i, instead, put every other sided stitch onto one needle (back, front, back, front, back, front, etc)
then reached through back stitch for the one before it, pulling back most one over the next one
like a 3 needle bind off, but without knitting both stitches together first


is there a name for this bond off?

:?? Are you knitting them flat? I’m confused…

knitting a flat bottomed boot stocking thing
knit in round down from cuff
upper foot opens then it is knit in to make the sole flat
all stitches from the oblong round on 2 DPNs
the way i bound off was to pull loop number 12 from front needle through Stitch 12 from back needle This stich is off now
then 11 from back through 12 from front needle this si now off
then 11 from front through 11 from back
etc etc
This makes a herringbone kinda pattern
but it is a nice flat seam, almost no bump to it
I just wonder if it has a name