Intellectual property and selling for profit

I was looking at the thread about the crochet bookmark. I thought it was gorgeous so I decided to make one for myself. As I was browsing a local online auction site for the crochet thread to make it with, I happened to come across somebody selling these exact bookmarks for profit. As far as I know, the profit is for personal use and not for any charity (at least it says nothing about charity anywhere in the auction).

I know that the person who has the pattern listed on her blog specifically asks that they are not sold for personal profit, and I think it’s morally wrong that somebody would do that. Technically, the pattern is protected under intellectual property laws, isn’t it?

I’ve left a comment to the person who owns the blog (and presumably the pattern) that gives them a link to the page where the person is selling them for profit. If it were me that owned the pattern, I’d be pretty annoyed if somebody did that. It’s bound to happen, I guess - seeing as how it’s posted on the internet. But still… I just think it’s wrong.

I’m just venting, I guess… Things like that annoy me.

I run into this same thing alot with glass artists. Everyone uses the same techniques and tools but the important thing is to make it your own.

As for the bookmark in question, it sounds like the seller is “breaking the rules” but, I have to tell you, it happens all the time. Many people just don’t care about the “morally wrong issue.”

I always give credit where credit is due and I always email the originator of an “idea” for permission to use it for my stuff which, for the most part, is always a charitable thing. It’s amazing how something as small as an email makes a big difference.

I would try to let go of the anger and annoyance over this because, chances are, you’re going to run into this again and again and again. It’s inevitable… You’ll make yourself crazy…:hair:

It sucks, though, huh?:tap:

Yeah, it’s just unfair. But on the other hand, I’m a firm believer in karma. What goes around comes around, I say.

The internet is a wonderful thing, huh? LOL

Unless you can prove that the seller used the exact pattern it’s kind of hard to say it’s the exact same bookmark. It might look the same… but say it’s a flower bookmark, there’s only so many ways to make a flower crocheted bookmark. Same with a shell or a filet crochet pattern. Just because someone has a similar idea and it looks close doesn’t mean its the same exact pattern. The copyright is on the written instructions only as you can’t copyright an idea or inspiration. Maybe someone saw her pattern and designed their own based on the inspiration?

Just a thought and don’t mean to sound like I’m defending the seller… but the benefit of the doubt comes into play here. I have been crocheting for… 28 years? I can look at a picture and pretty much make anything I see from a picture without using a pattern. Just because I see something I like and can design something similar doesn’t mean that it’s a rip off… all patterns and designs were inspired by something, it’s the nature of the beast.

Now, if I write up a pattern that was inspired by someone else’s design then yes, I’d give them credit as “inspired by” but unless the exact pattern is duplicated and claimed as my own then it’s not a copyright issue.

Just an honest opinion from someone whose seen far too many of the “I designed this dc dishcloth pattern and now someone is ripping it off!” kind of posts :stuck_out_tongue: