I’m knitting a Tigger blanket. My first intarsia project. I have knit very even tension but I still have gaps between color changes. Is there anything I can do besides rip it out? ( I’ve done lots of work on it already!)

You could seam between the colors after you’re finished.

As jess_hawk said you can fix those holes a bit later, but I don’t know if I’d call it seaming. A while back I made a little sweater with quite a few little intarsia boats in the yoke and it looked pretty bad until I fixed in the ends and then it looked fine, so don’t despair.

If you are real worried and don’t want to work the whole blanket before you see how it will turn out, when you get a ways past a change try working in the end in a way to heal the hole and see how you like the result. I don’t know if there are any tutorials or videos anywhere about how to do it. I always feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, :eyes: and just do what seems to need to be done to close the hole and it works out okay.

Did you watch the intarsia video on this website? It’s under Free Videos, Advanced Techniques. That may stop the gaps in future. Not sure how to fix the ones you already have.

I was wondering where you got the pattern for an intarsia Tigger blanket. Is it for sale? Can you help me find it?

If it’s just a gap at the initial color change, then as Judy said, you can close up that hole when you weave in the ends by crossing the tails of the two yarns. If it’s a gap every time you change color, you might try increasing the tension [I]slightly[/I] each time you cross the yarns. But, I think you’re better off with gaps here than tension that is too tight. Too tight leaves puckers. Slightly too loose may even out when you wash and block the blanket.
Where is the pattern from? It sounds adorable.

Make sure you always hold the yarn that you’re ‘dropping’ over to he left on top of he yarn you’re picking up so that the twist on the next row. If you’ve done this, then a bit of stretching and nudging can get them to even out later. If you missed a twist, a stitch can fix it up.