My name is Emily and I just registered. I am trying to knit a bag in intarsia…it will eventually be felted. The pattern says to “use a different lenght of yarn for each color section” which I have been doing, but when a knitted row leaves off at stitch 50 and picks up on the purl side at the equivalent of stitch 54, am I supposed to use a new piece of yarn? Or should I pick up the old color and pull it across the 3 stitches? I am afraid that carrying the yarn over too many stitches will cause pulls or puckers once the bag is felted. Anyone have any advice. Also, any tips for seamlessly joining a new color in, especially when used very liberally (sometimes only one stitch) would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I searched but could not find a video on intarsia, am I just missing it? Thanks!

Welcome to the forums Emily!

When you need to start a color before you did on the previous row, just bring it over. Keep the stitches stretched out a bit and you won’t have to worry about puckering.

When I add a new color, I start wrapping it in with the old color for a few stitches before I need to use it. When I switch colors, I insert my needle, hold the old color over to the left with my left hand so it’s on the outside and the new strand is closest to the needles and bring the new color up and knit it.