Hi can i use intarsia for a gradient that is greater (or less) than one (as in one stitch up for one stitch to the right) ?

Is the method the same?

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your question, but maybe someone else will.

Intarsia is usually used for large blocks of color. :shrug:

If you mean can you knit blocks of color that are on an angle, then yes. You’d just hold your mc yarn over to the left and knit with the new color one stitch further over than before.

If there are several stitches between where your cc yarn is hanging and where you want to start, you could either bring it from where it is and ‘catch’ it a stitch before you knit with it, or restart the strand where you want the color to start. The ‘best’ method is to restart with the color, but you can cheat, too.:lol: