I am starting my first intarsia project. And was wondering when you change colors how do you keep moving the second color behind . The pattern I have will have 2 pink then the MC black for 20 stiches after. Do I cut the pink each time and weave in at the end,or is there a certain way to carry it!!! Please HELP thanks Carly

From what I understand, you will knit a RS row starting with pink, when you get to the next colour, drop the pink and leave it there. You will continue the row in other colours, get to the end of the row, then turn and start to purl to come back. When you come back to the pink, you will drop the other colour you were using, and begin the pink section again, the pink you dropped will be in the right place - at the start of the pink purl row (the end of the pink knit row). See the videos if you are still confused.


Make sure you twist when you switch colors to avoid a hole. Hold the yarn you’re dropping over to the left and bring the yarn you’re going to use up from under it. Do this on every row and the yarns will twist.

Whenever you have a long span of color between other colors, you use a new strand. There’s no need to cut the yarn or carry it across.

This helped me when I was learning.