I want to try knitting this. I have seen the video on this website on intarsia, but I have one question, how would I carry the yarn?
I mean would I have to have different bobbins (one for each color)for each row? or do I just keep re-filling the bobbin with yarn?

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You use one strand for each section. I’ve found that having long strands hanging off the back works better than bobbins, since bobbins catch on each other. If (when) the yarn gets tangled, you can pull out one strand at a time.

You’d work across the red, then use a strand for the white letter, then another red strand between the letters. You could strand the red across the thin parts of the letters, but it will look better and have no chance of bunching if you use a separate strand for each section of color. You’d really have to see what works best.

Thank you for answering my question, Ingrid.

When I read that you answered my question, I felt so honored to be answered by someone so knowledgeable!



Ingrid is the boss when it comes to complicated knitting questions I have found. All I can say is those socks rock :heart: and you had better post a pic when you get into them and when you are done! I am very jealous of your skill (and Ingrid’s) to be able to make something so darn cool! :happydance:

Will do Mulderknitter! :thumbsup: