Intarsia with circular needles

hey people i need some help!!
i learn to knit alone looking some books and this fantastic knitting videos but nkow i start a work and i try to made intarsia but i have some problems, i think i know haw to do it but i dont want to make mistakes.
please somebody can explain me how to do it??


clau with love:heart:

You can’t generally do intarsia in the round, because the yarn is at the wrong end of the motif after the first round. You’re best bet, especially for the first time, is to work back and forth.

The main point to remember is to hold the yarn you are dropping over to the left and bring the new color up from under it so that they twist to prevent holes.

ok thank you
anyway i gonna try to do it.
its better to make mistakes and try to solucionate it, thats the way to learn.
but thank you

I never thought about that Ingrid… thank you (love learning about knitting)

So now I have a question… how are argyle socks made?

And Claudiopatra that IS the best way to learn!!!

I believe argyles are knit flat and seamed, but I’m sure there’s some knitter out there that has mastered it in the round.

You can do intarsia in the round… It’s just not traditional round knitting.

I am knitting a blanket in a series of strips, and I didn’t want the ugly side to show so I am doing them in the round. I knit the first few rows in the round the regular way, knit knit knit. When I add the colour for intarsia tho I have to knit as for flat…

So I already have a tube, I add the 2nd colour, and knit 4 stitches with that. then I slip those stitches BACK onto the left needle, turn the work and purl my way back. Twist for intarsia, purl the 4 stitches, slip them BACK, and then knit back, twist for intarsia, and knit the 4, slip them back and repeat. The trick is to already have a tube established. I am sure you COULD do it without the tube already being there but it would be alot trickier.

I just kinda made it up and later realized I was doing intarsia… I much prefer it to stranding because I can NOT keep my tension even with that…

I’ve done the slip/purl technique when there are 2 colors carried through the motif–the background and the contrasting. When I did my grandson’s Christmas stocking, I worked in a tube until the picture and then worked back and forth and seamed that section later.

I’ll have to try your way one of these days.:thumbsup:

My sock pattern book has argyle worked in the round with bobbins and 5 different colors and it also says not to carry colors around. You wind 2 bobbins of each color used. Needless to say I haven’t gotten around to making those yet.