Intarsia/Stranded Knitting Help

Can someone tell me if I’m working on my project in the correct direction. With Intarsia I understand there will be many strands left hanging, however I seem to have a large obnoxious number of strands. Below is the link to the project I’m working on and I’m hoping this is enough information for you to guide me.

This is what I currently do: Color A (main color) I’m able to knit from one ball. Color B for every stitch I use a different strand due to the amount of stitches between A and B. So it might read: color A 3 stitches, color B 1 stitch, color A 5 stitches; color B 1 stitch. So each of those 1 color B stitches I use a different strand, leaving me with an obnoxious amount of yarn hanging. Is this right or wrong?

The pattern suggests a combination of intarsia (for the larger areas of color B) and fair isle or stranded knitting (for the small number of color B sts). Even if it’s 5 or 10 sts of color A, it would be better and I think, give you a better finished piece to strand the contrast color along the back of the main color here. Since this is meant to hang on a wall, you can probably strand over 5sts and in areas with more sts, catch the yarn at intervals. See the video for tips on fair isle/stranded knitting. And please, could we see this when finished if you care to post a photo? It’s going to be spectacular.

Oh thank you. I can’t tell you how slow my progress has been and I felt I was knitting incorrectly.

Yes it will take me months to finish but I will share a pic with this forum when it’s completed. LOL lord I’ll be so excited I’ll want to share it with the world. R