Intarsia - Starting the New Color? Help!

I’ve used this site as a reference many times and think it an invaluable resource for new knitters! I’m starting my first intarsia project and it consists of a logo on a white back ground. The lady in the videos (sorry, I don’t know your name!) shows intarsia and I totally understand it. But she is in the middle of her project with the colors already worked for some rows. My question: How do you “introduce” the new color to the knitting. I’ve placed the photo of the logo with the thread so you can see how simple it is. I won’t be doing the “AMMA” part, starting with the bottom of the Amma’s figure. I’ve already got the chart and everything. Ready to go - just don’t know how to start the blue. Very big sections of white and very, very small sections of blue. One tiny section of red.

Just leave a 4-5" tail at the end and start knitting. In a row or two you can tighten up the yarn and weave in the end.