Intarsia question

'Ello! I’m trying to figure out how to do intarsia and I can’t find much about it. I have a specific question on one part of it…

I’m knitting a row and, when I get to a stitch that I previously changed colours on, I have two stitches of the two different colours. Do I need to pick up both stitches at once and get two more stitches when I cross over the old and new threads? I ask only because I’m looking at the right side of the work and, since one colour is black and the other is light grey, it looks a little odd to me. I hope I described that right… ^^;


I wish I could help you, but I watched the video and have the same question. Seems like if you knit them seperatly you would be increasing. Hope someone can help us both on this one.


im not sure i understand what you meen about there being two stitches where you changed colours. On colour should just stop and the other just start. Twisting the yarns together should be happening away from the needle and not be creating any extra loops, it is just tightening things up to make sure that the two sections of colour are firmaly attached to each other.

I, too, don’t understand your ref to there being two sts. Have you read this intarsia tut?