Intarsia question

Is it safe to assume you’d only use intarsia on projects that you won’t being seeing the wrong side?

I ask this because if you have a pattern where you have to alternate the color every few stitches, would it be okay to just carry the yarn accross? Is that what most people do?

I haven’t tried intarsia yet, but I was wondering what would someone do if they wanted to add a picture to something like a scarf where both sides would be shown. What method is used in those situations??? :??


If you’re alternating colors every few stitches all the way around, that’s called stranded knitting, as is used in Fair Isle patterns.

Intarsia does look funky on the back, so if you are making a scarf with an intarsia pattern, you can either sew on a backing of fabric, or make the scarf double wide and then fold it over and seam it.